Market Your Business With A Book


Can a book help to market your business? The short answer is Yes!

As a business owner using a book to share information and expertise with your potential customers can be a valuable marketing tool.

In many cases, a book is akin to having a more glorified business card! Only people won’t crumple it up and throw it away when you turn your back.

But seriously, how much more do you stand out when you have a book and your competition is still handing out fliers and brochures?

And your book is more cost effective and lasts longer than a radio or television commercial.

Writing a book will help you to gain (almost) instant ”street cred”. What do I mean by this? Well, if you are providing some sort of helpful information or pulling back the proverbial curtain on your business, people will generally appreciate you for your candor. From this you will help to establish (or further establish) your company’s brand. It could then lead to speaking engagements at local events, on radio and podcasts, and maybe even television appearances. Talk about a boost for business!


Of course you won’t just snap your fingers and a book will be written, you still need to honor the procedure and follow some basic steps:

What is your “Why?”



WHY are you writing the book? To use a free gifts? To use as your new calling cards? To sell and make some profit? To establish yourself as the subject matter expert in your area?

Where is the content coming from?


Do you have enough knowledge on the subject? Will you have to do more research? Can you get content from your clients?

Who will do the writing?


Are you going to write? Will you need a collaborator? A ghostwriter?


Be professional!


Make your book as polished as financially possible. Remember, this book will not only represent you, but also your business. You want your book to be as professional looking as possible. Hire the right people where needed. Will you need a proofreader? A copy editor? A book cover designer?

Market your book!


How will you let people know you have a book? Are you giving them away at a trade show or convention? Are they available for the taking at your front desk/counter? Are you selling them on your website? Amazon? Itunes? Does your Facebook fan page know (do you even HAVE a Facebook fan page?).


Done right, who knows where this can lead you and your business! Done “wrong”, well, you can always make corrections. If you don’t do it at all, then you will never know….