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Black Women Talk Politics Episode 14

October 1, 2017 – This week Sabriya and Sheila discuss the Topics of the Week including the White House’s tepid response to aid Puerto Rico, the continuation of NFL players and owners kneeling and locking arms, the possibility of war with North Korea, Sheila’s participation in the March for Black Women, and more! Be sure to check us out on Facebook (bit.ly/BWTPFB), iTunes (bit.ly/BWTPiT), Google Play (http://bit.ly/BWTPG), and YouTube (bit.ly/BWTPYT)

Black Women Talk Politics Ep. 9 w/Candis Stretcher

August 20 , 2017 – This week Candis Stretcher, Vice President of the Camp Springs Civic Association joins Sheila and Sabriya on the show! Join the ladies as they discuss Sabriya’s trip to China, the events in Charlottesville and Boston, the passing of Dick Gregory, the resignation of Bannon, and more!

Black Women Talk Politics Ep 8 w/Chris Rabb

July 30 2017 – Sheila and Sabriya are joined by Hon. Chris Rabb, State Representative at Pennsylvania General Assembly. Rep. Rabb discusses why it is important to get involved in local politics, how to get involved in local politics, and he addresses the need for men in political positions to address gender, sexual, and race issues when creating policies.

Black Women Talk Politics Episode 7

July 16 2017 – Attorney Anika Ingram of the Ingram Firm (www.ingfirm.com) joins the ladies to discuss how current immigration laws are altering the every day lives of people, what people can do to feel safe, and she shares her own experiences as a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman.

Black Women Talk Politics Episode 5

June 25 2017: Sheila and Sabriya are back discussing this week’s hot topics in politics like only they do! Make sure you like and follow us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/blackwomentalkpolitics

And also follow us on Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/user-192936908/black-women-talk-politics-ep-5

Black Women Talk Politics Episode 1

Black Women Talk Politics (Ep 1) featuring Sheila Clark and Sabriya Willams. This weeks special guest is Dr. Jaime Michel who joins the ladies to talk about Juvenile Justice issues and how the Trump Administration policies could have an effect on the progress that has been made in recent years. Also this week the ladies review the topics of the past week including Let Girls Learn, Jordan Edwards, Alton Sterling, the American Health Care Act, and Trumps first 100 Days.

Black Women Talk Politics Episode ZERO

This is Episode ZERO of Black Women Talk Politics. Basically, it’s just the test run of the podcast. Sheila and Sabriya will be bringing you much more information on the show in the future, this is just them taking the show out for a test drive.

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